Jamaica Villa Revitalized

Overview: This 1950 concrete, walled villa needed a full renovation to transform it to be on par with its beautiful Jamaica resort setting.
Challenge: The challenge involved imbuing the villa with charm by incorporating island features and an island vocabulary. At the same time, it would be necessary to add the many modern amenities required by the sophisticated guests that would come to stay. The current one-level villa was built on an insufficient base increasing the task of creating the multi-levels that would capitalize on the sloped setting and enhance the island charm of the home.
Solution: We took advantage of the sloped site and designed a tiered structure. On the first level, we set bedrooms below the pool deck. Guests would enjoy underwater views peering through porthole windows that recreated the old-fashioned ship window spaces. Our design of a second level included many rooms, each which afforded beautiful ocean views. Construction phase project management involved the coordination of many local trade individuals—a gardener, interior designer, builder, pool designer, entomologist, local hotel owner and landscape designer. Management of their detailed involvement was quite the feat. But the result was nothing short of exquisite, relaxed and fully representative of and embracing the ambience of the beautiful island paradise.

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