Edgehill Victorian Kitchen Reimagined

Overview: This existing 1890s home housed a small kitchen and limited usable space. Our objective was to make better use of space to enhance functionality for the homeowners and their family and imbue this old Victorian home with the grace and charm it deserved.
Challenge: The small, dated kitchen led to the basement staircase. The “new” stairs overlaid the original basement stairway. The entire layout was cramped making it difficult for the family to navigate and enjoy the space. Our objective was to stay within the confines of the existing structure but make more efficient and comfortable use of space.
Solution: : We reconfigured the basement stairs, using the original stairs under the existing staircase, and refinished the basement to maximize its space. The basement now gave home to the laundry room. This position shift for the laundry room enabled us to expand the kitchen and open it up to the patio as well as to the other side of the house. We created a small sitting area in the active kitchen and incorporated the existing kitchen fireplace into the space. Our creation of an enlarged mudroom better accommodated traffic from the

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