Chatham 50s Era Home Expanded and Enhanced

Overview: This 1950s home on a small corner lot sported a previous addition that was built above a single garage. The 1980 addition also incorporated a linear kitchen layout that was difficult to navigate. Our client wanted to expand the kitchen and garage and create an enhanced connection with the exiting family room. On the second level, she wanted to rearrange the master bath and closet.
Challenge: The small corner lot meant that we had to maximize use of space so that we would only minimally impact the home’s exterior.
Solution:: We added space to the kitchen and reframed the roof line to allow for a larger master bath above the kitchen. We upped the number of bedrooms from three to four with the addition of a guest-friendly bedroom on the first floor. The new room provided convenient amenities for guests and included a small shower. An additional nice touch were the stylish doors we placed on a first-floor study. The siding and trim were replaced, and this with the new roof line solidified the home’s pleasing new appearance. While the successful outcome resulted in big change in functionality and appearance, the home’s small corner lot was saved from any major changes. Overall, this was a compact project efficiently done.

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Chatham, New Jersey