The goal for every project is to successfully guide our clients through the varying aspects of the architectural design and building process. We listen carefully to our client’s vision for the project and then call upon our many professional skills to design, coordinate and incorporate our product knowledge – turning a client’s dream into reality.


Complimentary Initial Consultation. An initial meeting is typically arranged at a client’s home or project site to explain our services and present our portfolio. We review project goals, budget and site restrictions and discuss potential design ideas. After the initial meeting, we prepare an architectural services proposal and preliminary construction cost estimate, providing our clients with a realistic expectation of costs before a project begins.

Preliminary Design. The design process begins with the signing of an AIA Contract Agreement. We then schedule a convenient time to field measure and photograph the home and/or property to develop a set of "existing conditions." When zoning and site issues have been verified, the stage is set for a Preliminary Design meeting. Together with our client, we elaborate on our initial discussion and begin the development of a design solution by way of sketches to incorporate all of the goals presented to date.

Design Development. The process of fine-tuning a Preliminary Design concept continues with computer generated plans, elevations, perspectives and additional client meetings until the final design objective is achieved. Cost estimates are updated throughout in order to manage a desired budget.

Public Hearing Representation. If special relief is required by a local town or board, we file the final Design Development drawings with the appropriate municipal authority and aid our clients with the application requirements. We prepare a clear and expert presentation, both graphically and verbally, to facilitate the most favorable review.


Construction Documents. After all the major design concepts are finalized, a set of "working drawings" is produced. During this time we work with our clients to iron out the finer details. Upon completion, these drawings (also known as Construction Documents) represent the graphic and verbal description of a project.

Bidding and Negotiating. We have established relationships with several talented builders in the area. When a project is released for bidding, we select several builders based on their experience and comfort with a particular project type and scale. Multiple copies of the Construction Documents are distributed to each builder and a bidding timeframe is established. After all bids have been submitted, we will conduct meetings with the client and each builder to review and fully understand each bid before our client makes a final decision.


If requested, we work closely with our clients to achieve an elevated degree of interior detail and finish for a specific room or entire home. For example, we can develop elevations, sketches and perspectives for built-in shelving, kitchen cabinetry and molding, tile, crown molding and other interior finishes. When needed, we can coordinate directly with the related trades such as cabinet makers, plumbing and tile suppliers or countertop fabricators.


During the Construction Phase we serve as our client’s advocate. We visit project sites, address questions, interpret drawings and help resolve any site issues that may arise. Our goal is to see a project built as it was designed and specified.


At the request of clients, we often design and manage projects beyond our Chatham, New Jersey base. The internet, email and digital photography have made this type of off-site coordination very viable. As members of NCARB and licensed in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Connecticut and Vermont, our ability to help our local clients with distant projects has increased dramatically. From a vacation home in Jamaica to a ski lodge in upstate New York and places in between, we have helped many clients achieve their "dream home" away from home.


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